Year 11

 Course Selection for students in Yr 11-13 working towards NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3

Your selection of subjects for next year will follow Academic Counselling.

  • Yr 11 will select 5 subjects, each will involve 20-24 credits assessed per course, most, but not all courses will include external exam assessment. Some courses do not continue onto the next levels.
  • Yr 12 and 13 will select 5 subjects, each will involve around 24 credits assess per course, most, but not all courses will include external exam assessment
  • Students likely to achieve less than ½ required for NCEA will most likely remain at that level for most subjects.
  • Students closer to completing NCEA may be able to advance in SOME subjects
  • Students who complete NCEA will usually be able to advance.
  • Some subjects have prerequisite work that must be completed before moving up a level ie specific units at this level must be completed before you can move up
  • Literacy and Numeracy requirements may affect choices for those with limited prior completion

During Academic Counselling teachers, deans, parents and students will consider”

  • Your requests
  • Your results to date
  • Your attitude
  • Your targets
  • The requirements for completion of NCEA and your future

A course selection made in Term 3:

  • Will be confirmed, and change maybe required, when the whole years performance can be considered
  • Will help us create a new timetable for next year
  • The availability of courses for students will be affected by numbers selecting subjects and results achieved

NCEA involves many levels of success:

  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Course completion
  • NCEA itself
  • Each achievement standard course may be endorsed at Merit or Excellence.
  • 14 credits at higher levels need to be gained in one year for Course endorsement
  • 5 course endorsements could be possible each year
  • Other requirements will be identified later
  • NCEA itself maybe endorsed for MERIT or EXCELLENCE by gaining 50 credits at those levels
  • Students may complete these NCEA awards over more than one year
  • Many students will complete an award at a lower level by completion of work the following year, at a higher level.
  • You may need to apply for a new certificate
  • One free certificate may be requested each year
  • Results are posted online

All success can only follow if students attend regularly and the application and effort are at high levels