Year 10

In Year 10 students need to focus on developing good self-management skills to succeed well in their senior years.   Applying themselves to their school work, getting involved in school life and making positive choices are all part of being a responsible student.   The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) summarizes these attributes as the Five Key Competencies listed below;

Thinking To be competent thinkers and problems-solvers who actively seek, use, and create knowledge
Using language, symbols and texts To be competent users of language, symbols, and texts who can interpret and use words images, metaphor, and technologies in a range of contexts.
Managing Self To manage themselves and be enterprising, resourceful, reliable, and resilient. To establish personal goals, make plans, manage projects, and set high standards
Relating to others To relate well to others, to be open to new learning and to be able to take different roles in different situations
Participating and contributing To participate and contribute in communities, to have a sense of belonging and the confidence to participate within new contexts

 National Curriculum

Students must take courses in

  • English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and PE/Health.
  • Students can also cover other courses in Learning Languages, Technology and the Arts through their option choices.
  • Students may choose to learn their core curriculum through the medium of either English or Te Reo.


Students will choose four options which will lead to year 11 options and classes beyond. Each option will be all year for two lessons (2 hours) per week OR 1 Major subject – taken for a full year.  Download the Year 10 Curriculum Guide to find out more about the courses offered for Year 10.

Digital Devices

Yr 9 students who have purchased a chromebook in 2020 will carry these into Yr 10 in 2021. If you are a new student to Yr 10 the Chromebook Officer, Shannon Tanenui, will advise you regarding the purchase of a Chromebook for 2020 and payment options available to you. Shannon will be in contact in the new year