Year 12

The choice to school at Bay of Islands College is an important decision in a young adult’s life and needs to be made with commitment and dedication in attitude combined with clarity of mind.

In order to be a successful senior student at Bay of Islands College there needs to be an awareness of the different requirements that must be met.

The Education Act requires parents / guardians to have their children attend school until 16 years of age. Beyond that age attendance at school is based on an agreement between the student and the school.

The Senior Students Agreement is a signed agreement between the student and the staff of Bay of Islands College.

Students are expected, under the Bay of Islands College Student Agreement, to abide by the expectations and conditions set down here under.

As a senior student at Bay of Islands College, I agree to:

  • allow every student to have the opportunity to learn
  • help promote a positive school image
  • work cooperatively with teachers, students and other members of the school
  • attend and be prepared for all learning activities programmed for me
  • abide by all school regulations
  • ensure that I understand all course requirements and make a genuine effort in all of my areas of study
  • adhere to the Assessment Policy
  • uphold school standards pertaining to school uniform
  • adhere to the discipline code laid down by Bay of Islands College
  • encourage those who do well and promote a positive attitude to educational achievement
  • work towards achieving the school Mission Statement which is;

 “Bay of Islands College will develop respectful students, maximizing their potential”.

Course Selection for students in Yr 11-13 working towards NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3

Your selection of subjects for next year will follow Academic Counseling.

  • Students likely to achieve less than ½ required for NCEA will most likely remain at that level for most subjects.
  • Students closer to completing NCEA may be able to advance in SOME subjects
  • Students who complete NCEA will usually be able to advance.
  • Some subjects have prerequisite work that must be completed before moving up a level ie. specific units at this level must be completed before you can move up
  • Literacy and Numeracy requirements may affect choices for those with limited prior completion
  • Yr 11 will select 5 subjects, each will involve 20-24 credits assessed per course, most, but not all courses will include external exam assessment. Some courses do not continue onto the next levels.
  • Yr 12 and 13 will select 5 subjects, each will involve around 24 credits assess per course, most, but not all courses will include external exam assessment

During Academic Counseling teachers, deans, parents and students will consider”

  • Your requests
  • Your results to date
  • Your attitude
  • Your targets
  • The requirements for completion of NCEA and your future

A course selection made in Term 3:

  • Will be confirmed, and change maybe required, when the whole years performance can be considered
  • Will help us create a new timetable for next year
  • The availability of courses for students will be affected by numbers selecting subjects and results achieved

NCEA involves many levels of success:

  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Course completion
  • NCEA itself
  • Each achievement standard course may be endorsed at Merit or Excellence.
  • Other requirements will be identified later
  • 5 course endorsements could be possible each year
  • 14 credits at higher levels need to be gained in one year for Course endorsement
  • NCEA itself maybe endorsed for MERIT or EXCELLENCE by gaining 50 credits at those levels
  • Students may complete these NCEA awards over more than one year
  • Many students will complete an award at a lower level by completion of work the following year, at a higher level.
  • You may need to apply for a new certificate
  • One free certificate may be requested each year
  • Results are posted online
  • All success can only follow if students attend regularly and the application and effort are at high levels.

Yr 12 Curriculum Guide 2021

Yr 12 General School Information Guide 2021

Yr 12 Enrolment Pack 2021

Stationery Pricelist 2021 

2021 Uniform Price List

Digital Devices

Yr 11 students who have purchased a chromebook in 2020 will carry these into Yr 12 in 2021. If you are a new student to Yr 12 the Dean will advise you regarding the purchase of a Chromebook for 2020 and payment options available to you. Please email the Yr 12 Dean, Mr Kamlesh Prakash for more information.