BOIC Alumni

During recent discussions about how we could improve our Bay of Islands College Website, it was suggested we build an Alumni, a group of former students of our school who may be interested in making donations to the school to fund opportunities that are outside our usual scope of ‘educational’ work but would be beneficial to the present, past and future students of Bay of Islands College. Some ideas were to get all the past photos scanned and available on the school website by year, getting the mural outside the hall repainted, restoring the marae carvings, sponsoring students for school trips (eg Outdoor Pursuits, R TuckerThompson,  Outward Bound etc.) or adding to our Prizegving scholarship fund for our Top Academic Students. There are probably a whole range of other ideas that the Alumni would like to contribute towards. In return, we would add your name to the Alumni page on our website. For further information contact Debbie Russell

Alumni Bank account number for sponsorship deposits

BOIC Alumni   12-3090-0057011-05