Progress Reports

Progress Reports are sent our three times per year as follows:-

The first is an interim report. This is to inform parents/caregivers of how their child is settling into their classes for the year.

The second report is the mid-year report

The third report is the EOY report showing the students successes for their school year.

There is another report sent out to all senior students parents/caregivers during Term 3 and this outlines how the senior students are doing with their target goals for NCEA success for their year.

We hold two full Academic Counselling Days during the year. This is where you, as parents/caregivers, are invited to come into the school with your son/daughter to discuss their Report with them and their teachers(s). Questions are asked around goal setting, strategies to put in place to meet those goals and discussions around career paths.  Notices will come out to all parents when these Academic Counselling Days are scheduled to occur.