Student ID Cards

Student ID Cards are available free at the main office.  Cards are valid for one year and can offer students major discounts on travel, entertainment and food.  Students can obtain an ID card at any time during the year, but it will still only be valid until the last day of the Christmas school holidays (usually around Waitangi Day).


Home study, in a regular and purposeful manner is essential if full advantage is to be gained from the work at school. Parents are asked to co-operate with the College in the supervision of this work.


A general guide to the time spent on homework each night is:


  •  Year 9 – 1 hour
  •  Year 10 – 1 ½ hours
  •  Year 11+ – Generally a minimum of 2 hours.


Each pupil should keep a clear record of homework and will be issued with a student diary and handbook.  If lost, the replacement is to be paid for.


If no specific homework is set, pupils should spend the time in revision of work or reading to widen their background knowledge. Each night, pupils should check over that day’s work to ensure it is understood.  A guide to homework is included in the diary and handbook.